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Deaf Community Advocacy Network – DEAF C.A.N.! is a non-profit Organization established in 1981 to provide services to the thousands of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people living in our area. DEAF C.A.N.! offers direct client services to individuals and families, as well as community education and information for professional groups. DEAF C.A.N.! provides a full array of services to the Deaf & Hard of Hearing communities in southeastern Michigan. DEAF C.A.N.! is partially supported by generous donations from individuals, community organizations, corporations and foundations. 

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ER Pager is (248) 523-1998


iCanConnect - National Program for Deafblind People

 iCanConnect provides equipment and training to people with significant combined hearing and vision loss so they can stay connected.  To learn more about the program's income and guidelines (vision and hearing) contact DEAF C.A.N.!  DEAF C.A.N.!, along with CAC are national partners:  http://www.icanconnect.org/michigan


DEAF C.A.N.! Newsletter online! Our monthly newsletter is becoming digita.  Every month a newsletter will be posted at http://deafcan.org/newsletters     We will still be printing and mailing the newsletter every other month.   This will help us save money every month and provide additional programming to the community!  THANKS.


Do you need confidential help?  To ask questions about domestic violence or sexual assault, go to: www.haven-oakland.org and Click LIVE CHAT


The Holley Institute is getting ready for their amazing summer programming.    For more information, or to register, click on this link: www.holleyfv.org






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